Daily Tasks

     This form is to track your daily tasks, it takes 21 day to form a habit, and 90 days to build a lifestyle. This form is set up for 91 days, that gives you one day off at the end of the 90 before you start again, fitness and health require a lifetime commitment. The first line that is drawn in each cell is set up for the date, the second line on Sunday is to record your weight.(Sunday weigh in should be first thing in the morning before drinking any water to get more accurate records). You will write the daily goals beside the square (for Example, Diet, Gym, Cardio, Abs, Stretch), and check the square once you achieved that goal for the day.

     After the 90 days you will have a record of your achievements, this will help you keep motivated to complete your daily goals and you can go back and check if your health program failed you or did you fail to follow your health program.

Download PDF form here.

Daily Tasks Checklist

Body Measurements

     This form is to track your monthly progress, it is important that you check your body measurements when you are loosing weight, your goal is to loose fat not muscle. 

     The first part that is on the top of the form is for the date, your weight and fat percentage( I use the fat% from my scale). The Second part is the first column is to check with your body tape. The third part is the second column is to check with a fat caliper.( Body measuring tape and fat caliper available @basicmusclegains.com)

Download PDF form here.

Body Measurements Form