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Your Personal Placements are . Uranus is unconventional and has interests in stuff like Astrology, Mercury touching Uranus would make someone mind interested in these subjects and find it mentally stimulating. You are brought down here to learn how to love yourself and to embrace your creative & hyper side. Some also like baking! Libra & Aquarius suns are most likely to get hate from others. (Observation). If they suspect you.. its over.. theyll play their cards right until they get exactly what they need to see. Example; Midheaven in Sagittarius; Nice butt/ Legs. angeloracle: " Fame Indicators in Astrology There are many different aspects in the birth chart, that can indicate fame. One thing about Pisces placements is that they attract people who wanna distort them on who they are. * Juno In aspect to the DC ruler (preferably conjunction/Trine/Sextile) Uranus in 3rd is a psychic indicator as well, Uranus rules intuition however, native tends to overthink things + add on to things that isnt intuition. People with 18 degrees in their chart may find themselves having a battle with the mind especially if placed in moon or mercury. Venus in 12th, though could have a hard time putting it out there at first. These are the type of people to plan out things a while before it happens. Taurus placements may like grounding areas, they may like leafs specifically, and tend to like more of a nature like environment for them to relax in. They would constantly and constantly research. If its in the 10th house, you will get gains and fame through your career. In very calming romantic environments is where your spirit resides. For example a Cancer mars needs to have all their security and comfortable needs met 100% before fueling up Mars energy. Ex; Scorpio in 4th= Secretive about family & doesnt wanna be in a vulnerable spot & secretive about how they truly feel and so on. This can sometimes manifest in an unwanted way, it can be negative attention or the person doesnt really enjoy it. However, people tend to misunderstand their abilities. Astrology is their devotion and a part of their heart and admiration. Gemini placements tend to do things quite fast like eating fast. This is because Cancer placements truly know how its like to have a family (Cancer rules 4th house). #Fame indicators on Tumblr See a recent post on Tumblr from @thealchemistbae about Fame indicators. Do note every placement. You are brought down here for transformations within yourself not only that but to develop determined and powerful psychic abilities and to release unhealthy resentfulness. (Check other placements). (1943) In composite chart can show how each partners in general gives loves & the theme. Mercury aspecting Uranus, Mercury aspecting Lilith (Has an interest on the unconventional, is also not scared of the darker side of research & the mind), Mercury aspecting the Ascendant, Mercury Aspecting the Node) - Like I said before, to be an Astrologer you do need good writing / communication skills to an extent. (Early education). - Cap rising, Saturn in 1st are usually commercial faces due to their appearance that people would usually call aesthetically perfect. They couldve been a mother to you in past lives. Oprah has this. Libra placements tend to have really appealing waist/ stomach. If the Priapus asteroid touches a womans mars it can indicate she is very desirable and could be seen as sexually desired by most. People with Saturn in 6th generally are prone to anxious feelings / thoughts and over-work themselves too much and their standards for themselves are very high. Your spirit embodies the scales. People with Aries in 2nd are respectfully, very bad with their money. Cancer placement men especially Mars may like the idea of impregnating their partner. Virgo suns (Sun is the ego) Astrology could fill their ego and could become a perfect part of them that they Identify with. It could be a gift or an escape to them. Fire moons love running especially Aries. Cancer risings (Sagittarius in 6th) could make someone scattered during work / routines. 11th house ruler in 11th house - again, the house of fame. People with Moon in 11th could have more of a best friend relationship with their mother. Earth placements over the 4th house, couldve grown up in a more nature like environment. If you have aries degrees in your chart, look at where it is! They achieve success not just through their mesmerizing beauty, but through their passion for their creative projects that they put out into the world. Depending on the planet, youll know more about the field you could be successful in. Pisces moons tend to have a mother who couldve been spirituality devoted / had unconventional interests like Astrology. So if its in the 1st house, it will bring gains and fame to you, as the 1st house represents the self. Sagittarius placements hold their beliefs up high. Kylie Jenner has her Jupiter conjunct 2nd house cusp by less than 1 degree, so that also applies. Jupiter in 2nd house - this is the billionaire placement, not really related to fame but it is well-known. Look to see how your mind shifts and handles work. Uranus in 3rd tells me that you are consideredthe weird kid but are hella fucking smart. They tend to have touched the child in very soft ways and there could be a spiritual connection. They may also have siblings who are considered very attractive. Mars in 4th individuals should be aware of dealing with any fire in their home since its very possible for fire to start in their home / smoke. Kylie Jenner has this. Jupiter Dominants= Abundance, Happiness, Wisdom, Money. People with Uranus in 4th may have had a mother who was always changing and couldnt rely on her. They may like to teach spiritual things, education knowledge, languages, etc. People could see them asweak or/andinsecure so they could be the easiest targets to people. They develop emotions when developing their wisdom. (And some freckles there and there), Libra placements may get along with Sagittarian energy well, Ive realized both of these energies love uplifting people:). They couldve been a past lover / beautiful person that impacted you in a past life time. - Libra/Pisces or any air sun/moon females tend to be quite intruded in white magic and are references of the typical witch aesthetics of fairy tales. People with Pholus asteroid (#5145) very prominent in their chart tend to be self destructive / changing. (h22) if the Priapus asteroid touches a womans venus it can indicate a lot of men want to love and be with her in a sensual yet sexy way. intuitive & astrologer readings are closed HIATUSSS! People dont forget them easily. An exalted Jupiter gives a great deal of luck. like yall everywhereee too. Ive met a lot of Pisces mercuries who like interacting with fun and unique people, its just an observation but they dont like small talk at all. People who give you advice that you didnt ask for should be looked out for. im sorryy. They will cut off a toxic friend and will never look back! Virgo Suns / Venus in Virgo/ Mars in Virgo- While most could be skeptical about topics like Astrology if there isnt other indicators, if theyre not, they develop a very mature approach to it. - Sag midheaven or Jupiter conj Saturn people are usually owners of business empires or large companies. What do you think? Having the ruler in its own house always makes it very powerful. (Healthy foods only for example). (Or any Major Pisces placement) Pisces moons / Risings may be luckier in a way and experience a lot of transformations somewhat like Scorpio do.. Ive never more of an accepting person that a Moon in Pisces. They are very fierce and incredible loyal towards you and they have always been protecting you, especially from masculine figures that are bad for you. Uranus influence - Uranus rules fame, so having it positively influencing someones chart points to fame. If Moon is in the 4th house it will fade any aggressiveness / bold nature of the moon sign its originally in. They need constant breaks for the mind since they can get stressed quite easily. It doesnt matter if theyre introverted, they know how to make people feel special. Because these are the fall & detriment of the Sun and the Sun represents our higher self & ego. This reflection is amplified within the twin flame relationship, but it is not unique to that connection. They tend to embody Cancer physical traits. You may have a fling or little romance with the placement that falls over your 5th. Uranus is an intuitive planet and a random planet. Kylie Jenner has this. People tend to love and look up to people with Sun in 10th & 11th & Sun dominants. People with Saturn in 3rd usually have some sort of difference in education wether they started late (usually) or perhaps earlier. Also, if you would like to get a chart reading from me, check out my paid services. Scorpio mercuries / 8th mercuries always amaze me. But they may have the tendency to not trust anything at all. (Will be making a post about this if people want it). But there is an air of knowledge about them and a youthful aura you cant get enough of. Sun in the 10th/11th house-sun is naturally the house of vibrance, so these placements could make you popular, well liked, well known, or even famous. They are also seen as lucky by others. Many billionaires have this, for example Bill Gates. If there is other Astrologer indicators, this could very much be about Astrology. Its no mistake though.. a Scorpio placement may be personally be very different than you originally thought. People with 3rd house stellium may have at least at one point in their life struggle with communication. It would generally give more feminine traits. (Vedic Astrology + more on my blog<3), Theory I made but also some research behind this). Mars dominants may be confused for Pluto dominants. Ive also noticed Leo venuses have a lot of love languages, theyre so generous! Virgo mercuries are one of my absolute favorites. Air placements can be the biggest internet trolls in my opinion, they can sometimes (Especially Gemini & Aquarius) argue for no reason online because they get some joy for teasing people. Hear me outttt, juno in 11th can indicate getting married online, I hear a lot of people assume aries mars= angry mf, no no no CANCER MARS will cry and piss themselves when their toxic ex dont text back.. sorry. For a more in depth understanding I recommend looking into finding your Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology for more in depth and personal life path guidance. They send messages in a creative way. Chart ruler in a positive aspect to 11th or 10th house ruler - if these are well-placed in regards to each other, the person usually becomes successful or famous. one of the biggest fame indications in astrology if your mc ruler is in the 10th house this is a huge indication of fame because your mc represents your career and the 10th house represents fame (bonus points if your mc ruler is at 5, 17, or 29) to find your mc ruler check your mc sign, the planet that rules it, and what house that planet is in Libra/Leo on the 10th or 11th house cusp - these signs make someone popular with people because of their charm. People with Sun in 2nd may have some drive or attraction towards making a lot of money this lifetime. At worse could indicate lies around the home & twisted information. Makes me think of a newspaper person writer. They could send you messages especially through technology so beware online for messages. A lot of Astrologers/ Spiritual people tend to have Uranus - North node. Youre probably scared of even going to the grocery store at times. Saturn is a strong influence in your chart. This work belongs to me and me only, I dont wanna see this posted anywhere else. :**:, People with Taurus placements especially the Moon may very much love when their food is very well put together (pleasing to look at). Will give off a venusian vibe more. Do not repost, plagiarize, reword my observations, I dont wanna see this anywhere else. Mercury conjuct Lilith are usually very direct and people admire and are attracted to their words, people may even get turned on from their texts. Leo placements have a big influence and others can see it. Theyre just really good at keeping it together on the outside. Aries placements go to extra lengths to make sure what they fight for has justice. Another manifestation is that they attract people who wanna use them for what they have and leave. Each has a different type of fame; Scorpio is more expressive, Aquarius is humanitarian, and Leo is just straight up famous (sometimes for almost no reason). Could indicate an authority figure who tried to control how they presented themselves. Water placements over the 4th house could have at one point lived near the water or water was significant. Your spirit embodies the maiden. (Gemini rules hands). Also, not all celebrities have these, but I am putting the most common and known indicators of fame! A lot tend to be little nerds and have a lot of interesting interests. Scorpio + Leo in a chart can make someone prone to being easily jealous. (Underdeveloped). No matter where Pisces is in your chart, Ive noticed any Pisces placements have really glowy eyes. (As you should!) Sun in 6th tells me that when you finally put boundaries up, no one respects them. They absorb a lot of energies. - All water signs (sun/moon/mercury) tend to attribute qualities of other people or any type of situation/topics that excite them, taking credit for it, and they tend to feel very offended if someone does not have the same opinions about them. Libra risings in composite tend to be the one cute couple that looks perfect to everyone, even if really isnt that way. (they also love experimenting new things with their partners), Capricorn moons may have had a mother who worked a lot, the father figure may have motivated them / inspired them a lot more. Both love that ride or die shit. After we master the fathers of karma, we can begin to journey into our life lesson, the North Node. Mercury in Sagittarius whole communication style is spreading what they already know. Water venuses may love the aesthetic of water or the ocean / beach. (Heard stories, underdeveloped energy ONLY). Lilith in 11th individuals could have troubling natures on the internet and perhaps more sexual. If they develop passion & emotion (Its a water sign), they would do great in Astrology. Kind of like weight training its one step at a time, slowly lifting more weight in order to be able to handle the heavy weight! - a well-aspected saturn indicates longer lasting relationships, - the ascendant shows how your relationship looks at first sight, - the midheaven shows how your relationship looks in the long term, - a well aspected ascendant or benefic planets in 1st house could indicate love at first sight, - a lot of planets in the water houses (4th, 8th, 12th) indicate a more private relationship, - a square to the ascendant is not always a bad aspect, since it usually means a planet is in 4th house, which is pretty good in composite charts, - 6th house placements can indicate a power couple dynamic, but they could also cause more of a hero-sidekick relationship, - 10th house placements are very supportive of each others goals, but can tend to put on a mask for the people around them, making them appear like a perfect couple. : Check if the color of their eyes are different from each other or one lighter than the other. Ive noted a lot Of Libras and Virgos are drawn to each other. Its commonly found that these people attract people who either love them or hate them. Chiron in 3rd individuals tend to be incredibly misunderstood in communication, people may take their wording weirdly and miss underestimate a lot. Scorpio placements have always been some gossip in a point of their lives. Sun is where we shine the most and when its in this house, we shine in social groups, online and in public setting. - Virgo and Aquarius Mercury can have an obsession with having some mundane things in their life rigorously arranged in even or uneven numbers, becoming a constant focus of anxiety for them. They will teach themselves a whole subject if they have to (If they find it interesting enough, they have so many interests). They provide everyone a safe home especially for venting and etc. A lot of Capricorn placements Ive met cut their hair short at some point. It being in the third house would indicate an ease of communicating the Astrological skills. Cancer rising women may like bangs / have bangs, Ive noticed this for a bit. angeloracle: " Fame Indicators in Astrology There are many different aspects in the birth chart, that can indicate fame. Leo Venuses are bold usually but when they have a crush they turn a little shy, usually theyll show you if they want you. People with Saturn in 3rd may have a limited amount of siblings. Here are some fame indicators that you can find in your natal birth chart. - Jupiter at 5 in the 10th House: t. Mercury in retrograde individuals may struggle putting up boundaries and making themselves clear & why a lot of people tend to walk all over them. 11th house stellium - 11th house is the house of fame, internet and social groups. Ive noticed Scorpio placements usually get worried about school a lot and are prone to get stress easily from it. If you have a libra rising/ moon Im just gonna assume you dont know your worth. Taurus placements may like to whistle or sing out of nowhere for comfort. ( Libra in 7th). Side note: (1943) Related to Eros but more mature and older & how you demonstrate love, less about sexual needs. It being in the 4th house can indicate unrequited emotional support. Michael Jackson had 11th house ruler conjunct MC. On a positive note.. they always come up with really innovative ideas like wow how did you think about that? Anteros in 8th may like to give money to the person to show appreciation. Scorpio risings have amazing ass intuition and are usually tarot readers. Many people find - Aries & Aquarius (sun/moon) tend to be romantically obsessed with each other in a passionate and platonic way. They specialize in creative areas & water. People with Uranus dominance / Aquarius in 4th or Aquarius dominance couldve grown up with early access to technology / technology was around them. Mercury in Scorpio/ Mercury in 8th- This placement always long for the truth and is an investigator naturally. Venus in scorpio have a thing for people wholook bad & have tattos. - Aries sun/Mercury are experts at learning gesticulations and manias of any kind from people and easily mimic them in a humorous way. However youre always ALERTT and ready to protect anything. Sun in 11th house - having Sun here is similar to the stellium. They may specialize in sending you messages in relaxed outdoor settings like a butterfly or a literal bull. definitely a non-forgettable person will have this degree. Soo many celebrities have this! But also remember your words can back-fire on you a lot making you regret things you have said in the past. Please remind your local Virgo rising that they are beautiful and loved. Example; Didnt finish a show and started another one. Ex; Capricorn in 11th: Karmic experiences with the internet. This placement can make you naturally stand out. - Air and Earth sun/rising love perfumes and smell good. They love protection but project jealousy on them and theyll run away. He stated himself that this is one of the best degrees to have as it is all about enjoying life and having fun. People with Mercury in 9th tend to be very knowledgeable people, knowing a lot about anything. ( Check other placements). Spirit in Sagittarius: Ruled by Jupiter, your spirit is expansive and extremely generous. 8th house influence - having a 1st or 11th house ruler or Uranus can bring sudden and unexpected fame. Cancer women placement may like showing off their breast / cleaveage a bit. An exalted sun gives extraordinary leadership abilities and the ability to achieve great success in life. Planet being on top of 11th house cusp - Im not sure if thats the right way to call it, but basically a planet that is in 11th house and within 1 degree from the cusp. Mars in 3rd tells me you dont gaf and you send those bold texts anyway. (Especially Leo Venus / Venus in 5th). So having one of these signs on the cusp of this house and then having a well-placed Jupiter signifies fame. 8th house influence - having a 1st or 11th house ruler or Uranus can bring sudden and unexpected fame. (16) Asteroid Psyche in 7th can indicate unrequited love in connections or unrequited commitments. Leo Mercuries may actually present themselves more serious and formal when it comes to communication rather than dramatic. - Book authors often portray their most famous works with qualities and traits of their sun sign. Moon square uranus individuals tend to have an attitude towards their mothers. Having a strong 11th house talks about being well-known and popular, so many celebrities have this stellium. Let me know if you have any of these! Pisces Venuses may like to shift a lot. Jupiter conjunct your MC is a good indicator of fame in conventional astrology. They go through a lot though, I just wanna say I love you. This could be something very natural to them. Ive also noticed a lot of Capricorn moons prefer to have small amount of friends that they are at least emotional connected to, they are mostly introverted. Could have conflicting emotions and may try to fight themselves on things. Very likely to be known in the community, nationwide or worldwide. (observation). Check out my terms on reposting and plagiarism here . (Not excusable, just indicators.). Youre sad and need validation? Please do not repost, plagiarize, reword my observations. Leo placements could play a role for them. They are very loyal and direct with you and not too emotional in their approaches. - Capricorn sun/saturn can inspire masses in their work area and can really facilitate the abundance of job satisfaction by working together. While Venus and Ascendant conjunct placements are famous maybe just for their looks, Moon and MC conjunct natives are famous for their creativity within their career. Hence, why a lot may be insecure. People tend to look up to Sun in 11th individuals to cheer them up. May like the idea of haunted mansions. Venus in taurus tells me you love spoiling yourself 24/7, as you should. Emma Watson has her 11th ruler in her 8th house. Its not said enough people tend to be VERY curious about these people. Your placements can tell you the way you manifest especially Jupiter. Karmic experiences with friend groups. I call this a natural leader who may let you in their soft circle if youre worthy. On the surface level people might think the relationship wouldnt last & people may assume the relationship is toxic. (9th house rules education). Ariana Grande has this. Somewhere where they can investigate. Cancer moon can dominate the natives physical appearance. Pluto in 10th individuals may hide secrets from the public eye & do it very well. Lilith in 7th individuals could have problems with the legal system not going their way. Because of this there is rumors around their reputation people who wanna try to bring them down, yet it doesnt work.. they have this powerful aura. (If it it makes sense.. so you can jump to a topic to another more easily than a formal Mars sign post) Thats what Gemini placements like to do for stimulation. (Especially Virgo placements), People with Ceres in Air signs / Air houses may give comfort to others more verbally and intellectually than nurturing. Easily liked by everyone. 11th house ruler in 11th house - again, the house of fame. Look for messages from intense environments and more of darker ones too. Your spirit embodies the crab. If there were other indicators of an Astrologer in the chart, this can make someone have never-ending admiration for Astrology & can develop creative ways of researching it / creative discoveries. Capricorn Venuses are in it for the long run so a breakup could really mess with a Capricorn venus more than given credit for, they tend to have a lot of trust issues after a separation. They remember facts from years ago, its hard to fool them. Leo placements love protecting their loved ones (Especially Mars) no one touch my babies mess with them Ill kill you having their loyalty is soo lucky. Mercury in 9th individuals love learning new informations all the time & growth is very beneficial for their thought process. If you have mars in 4th youdefinitely rebel over anything your parents say & argue every day over pointless things at times. If Gemini placements are paired with Leo or Libra they may like to make their texts / writing style fancy. They dont give up when it comes to knowledge. Mercury in 1st people have this effect on being whoever you want them to be. Fame Indicators in Astrology . ASTROLOGER INDICATORS (Do not repost, plagiarize, "reword" my work) @hillarysss. Besides someone being a cheater is much more complex than just placements it goes with them as a person and bad manifestation of aspects. Aquarius risings tend to attract a lot of connections a lot, Im implying they tend to make a lot of online friends (Rules Uranus = Technology) And for Aquarius moons the same thing but more emotional connections rather than just regular online friends. See the funny thing is Gemini placements tend to have low attention span I find it very bad that they are stereotyped as cheaters when they cant even focus on things they dont find interesting. Just hit them up whenever, theyre like a best friend to everyone. Men with Cancer placements (Especially Venus) may use marriage in arguments or bring it up a lot to get their way etc. Venus in leo/ mars in leo remember just because your crush liked another girls instagram picture does not mean you are annoying.. If you have mars in 4th im just gonna assume you have deep rooted trauma from home life & the reason you are wayy over protective over anything and yourself. The messages they sent you are more of relaxed messages but also straightforward since theyre stubborn. Emotions wouldnt be involved, there wouldnt be a bias when gaining information. Fire moons can easily fall into the wrong crowd. Aries rules the head. They are intense towards you and extremely loyal & never leave your side. & Ive noticed Pluto in 10th likes havingpowerful friends that can boost them. Emma Watson has her 11th ruler in her 8th house. This can sometimes manifest in an unwanted way, it can be negative attention or the person doesnt really enjoy it. Having Moon in the 4th house makes the native very sensitive and more soft and also secretive with their emotions. . Because of this youll see people with an exalted & domicile mars & strong mars (Scorpio Mars, Capricorn Mars, Aries mars); more easily able to fuel up the energy for competitiveness therefore being able to win more & etc. - Sagittarius and Pisces people (esp Mercury), are usually delirious about themselves or fantasize about having other realities or having other peoples lives. People with Gemini Venuses tend to be very loyal if they have an Earth sign/Rising. Capricorn mercuries say what they mean & have a power tone to it. (& Their demons). (Scared of hidden enemies stealing their work etc). They may be someone you talk to for days then they randomly need a lot of alone time then they bounce back. Pluto in 9th may like to visit darker areas. Cancer placements literally love cuddling, thats it. People may see them as angry where they are just standing up for themselves. They may feel as if they have to truly hide who they are in order to feel safe. Aries placements hate seeing their friends dwell, they tend to love to motivate their friends!!! I mentioned this on a seperate post but why are virgo sun sagittarius moons everywhere?? Someone with Aquarius in 12th or Uranus may experience connections tearing apart for very weird reasons & unexpected. After you have a good idea of your north node path look to your 10th and 11th house, how you will best be able to make connections and what reputation you can uphold in your sphere. Virgo risings / Virgo in 1st have the habit of being too critical of their appearance they are making & especially their physical appearance. Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have this. Or very nice eyes, something is usually remarkable from these people. Gemini placements are prone to being more stressed as it rules the nervous system. Leo in the 3rd house will make the native get random fame for things they say, example; random tweets / memes popping up. They usually inspire & may others feel more confident. (Check other placements). The smaller the orb, the better. Jupiter in the 10th house gives someone a great career and social status, and Jupiter in the 11th house gives someone powerful connections and can give great fame and wealth. Scorpio mercuries have really vivid memories. Claidus Ptolemy also has Sun in Leo (Not to mention, Moon in Virgo). Ive met a lot of Aries rising women with short cut bangs and wavyish hair like the amount Ive met with that combination is crazy & Omg and their noses are beautiful. Astrology can do just that. It fits well with their round head-shape. People tend to over dramatice Leo venuses but all they really need is a loyal lion by their side, who will occasionally put up with their tantrum. Also, not all celebrities have these, but I am putting the most common and known indicators of fame! (If youre into Vedic Astrology your Rahu and Ketu will be most important and your Saturn, there are more advanced techniques but these are the most standard ) All of these combined can create a perfect concoction of your purpose. They tend to put unrealistic standards on themselves. But this can also mean they tend to be very independent when it comes to how they get money & are secretive about it. (Especially Gemini placements), Gemini placements, especially the Mercury may learn sign language. Gemini mercuries tend to talk really fast to let all their thoughts out and people could ask them to slow down at times. The planets that show up in this house are important as well. crouch bear cave center coords, milwaukee framing nailer not sinking nails,

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